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Say goodbye to your pain

With reflex relaxation therapy from William R George II, MD

Relax your pain away

With muscle, tendon, and ligament reflex relaxation therapy, you can see a dramatic reduction in your pain levels and an increase in your quality of life. Dr. George moves your muscles perpendicular to their longitudinal axis releasing the spasm in the muscles, thereby relieving the pain. This technique can give you up to 70% relaxation within the first minute of treatment, with an additional 30% coming over the next 3 days.

Do you take natural supplements to help you deal with and alleviate the pain? Would you like to know more about the supplements you've been taking? Dr. George will take a good amount of time with you to ensure you have a proper review of the supplements you're taking to extend your life, slow aging, and improve the quality of it. Dr. George has been delivering high-quality treatment since 1973.

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Relax Your Pain Away

Manage your stress

William R George II, MD has developed a stress management technique training your brain to ask and answer thoughts with multi-syllable words.

Trick your brain

This technique causes your brain to slow down and helps stop the release of stress-inducing chemicals in the brain. Contact us today for more information.